Our Story

Cultures across the world are brought together by a common love of cooking over an open flame. Astarah takes inspiration from communal open fire cooking, voyaged from everywhere across the Mediterranean.  Our restaurant tells a story of tradition, values, collecting and sharing of ingredients, and gathering influences from travel. Our menu reflects this culinary heritage to bring the finest quality ingredients, seasonality, and simplicity that goes back to the roots of cooking, but with an elevated presentation. Clean elemental cooking, created together and shared together over an open fire, is the basis of Astarah.

Our wood-fired oven takes center stage in our open kitchen, viewable for all guests to gather around, engage, and enjoy.  We believe in mastering the art of food with two core elements; Heat, which ultimately determines the texture of food, and Salt, which enhances flavor.  Cooking with these simple elements enhances the most simple and highest quality ingredients that are as close to their natural stat as possible.  Astarah’s goal is to use fire to bring people together not just for sharing a meal, but for experiencing immediate and lasting moments of laughter, love of food and drink, and community.